4 Place Canoe Trailers

or Kayak Trailers

Feature Overview:

  • Trailer & racks made of 100% galvanized steel
  • Marine Treated Plywood
  • Ability to haul 1700 lbs of canoe gear, 80 cubic ft. of storage
  • Removable canoe racks, converts to a 5‘x8’ (or 5‘x7’ for shippable version) utility trailer
  • Includes Black Waterproof Canvas
  • Includes Incandescent Lights
    + Optional upgrade to LED lights, only $60 extra

Canoe Trailer Dimensions:

5′ x 8′ Trailer Bed5′ 11″ from ground to the top of the canoe rackTop rack is 72″ long
24″/16″ Sides, 6′ Tongue19″ vertical height between canoe racksWeight of trailer approx. 500lbs
Haul 1700lbs worth of gear32″ of horizontal length on each boat place on canoe rack

4 Place Canoe Trailer or Kayak Trailer Product Standard Features:

Our 4 Place canoe trailers and kayak trailers are our most popular canoe trailers for families because of our easily removable canoe racks. Not only can you haul four canoes, but our customers love the idea that the canoe racks are easily removable and you can use one of our canoe trailers as a utility trailer. It’s two trailers, a canoe trailer and a utility trailer for the price of one! Our black canvas is made in the USA, made of 18oz high tear vinyl and is waterproof. We use all galvanized steel for our canoe trailers and the canoe racks. Galvanizing is a zinc based coating on the steel that protects it from rusting. We use marine treated plywood, which last on average of 15 years. Our canoe trailers are built to last!

Why choose our trailers?

  • Strong & Rust-free

    We build our trailers to last a lifetime! That is why we build our trailers using strong steel, then galvanize the entire frame and rack to avoid rusting in the harshest weather conditions.

  • 2-in-1 Trailer

    Our unique design allows you to remove the racks and use it as a utility trailer.

  • Highway Ready

    Our trailers are ready to hit the highway to go long distance with our unique features such as a full-size spare, heavy duty axle, waterproof cover and jack stand with wheel.

More about our Canoe Trailers and Kayak Trailers

For those that love the great outdoors and need a quality canoe trailer or kayak trailer, Remackel Trailers is the place to buy a high quality model. Conveniently, our canoe models are actually two trailers. This unique design allows you to easily remove the canoe racks and your canoe trailer becomes a 5’x8’ utility trailer! Our canoe trailers are made of steel and are galvanized to prevent rusting. We have high quality trailers available to suit many needs. For example, a 2 Place canoe trailer is a perfect fit for families and friends who are taking a canoe trip, but have run out of space on top of the vehicle to hold a canoe. That’s why the 2-place canoe trailer is so convenient, as it has a 5-foot wide by 8 foot long with 24 inch or 16 inch sides to haul all the gear you need!

Why we hot dip galvanize our canoe trailers and Kayak Trailers. We hot dip galvanize our canoe trailers because it prevents your canoe trailer from rusting. We weld our canoe trailers and then send them to be dipped in a bath of zinc that coats the steel on the canoe trailer with a layer of zinc. Even the rims for the tires on our canoe trailers are galvanized!

Welding our Canoe/Kayak Trailers. Since 1980, Remackel Trailers has been welding its own canoe trailers and will always continue to do so. We take pride in producing a quality canoe trailer that won’t crack a year or two down the road. We use high quality marine treated plywood for the box on your canoe trailer.

High Quality Marine treated plywood. Marine plywood is manufactured from durable face and core veneers, with few defects so it performs longer in humid and wet conditions and resists delaminating and fungal attacks. Its construction is such that it can be used in environments where it is exposed to moisture for long periods. We use ½” plywood on the side and 5/8” for the bed of the canoe trailer.

Canoe guard on our canoe trailers. We understand that preventing your canoe and kayaks from being damaged during transportation is vital. Therefore, we include canoe guards on our canoe trailers. Our canoe guard is a rubber piece that is riveted onto all of our canoe trailer racks (see picture above). We decided that all our canoe trailers should have a canoe guard because of the great feedback we have received from our customers. They love the idea that our canoe racks have a guard to protect their canoes and kayaks from being scratched and damaged during placement.